Architecture for us – it is not just the art of creating buildings, but also a way to change the world and improve the environment. Through architecture, we express our thoughts and reactions to world processes.

We are not limited by directions and styles – to go beyond and extend the borders is our method. Using all the design possibilities including interior, exterior and city planning, we are trying to find solutions to the fundamental problems of human life, of its social and functional aspects.


Concept is our main tool (means) for expressing our ideas. Abstractions that arise from our experience and as a result of the transformation of existing ideas, we express in concepts through semantics and semiotics. Each of our concepts is preceded by an analysis of a problem that combines our generalized everyday understanding of things with a scientific and philosophical approach.


Innovations stimulate us. During our work, we constantly invest intellectual solutions and new experience into our ideas on renovating various fields of human activity. Innovations for us are not only new technologies, but also the improvement of organizational forms of social existence, service industry, organization of labor, management, etc.


In our work, we try not only to follow the trends, but also create them. New directions are our calling. Using actualization of new ideas by parametric and non-parametric methods, their reasoning and implementation - we form a new outlook.

We are a team of ambitious young architects, united by the common idea of ARCOINTR