In tightly built cities there is less and less space for new developments. How to design a commercially attractive project in a historic building, without interrupting the privacy of its inhabitants?

This concept is intended to solve these issues. The size of the projected apartment-hotel is shaped in such a way so to take into account the right for inhabitants of neighboring houses to insolate their homes and for the privacy of the home environment. The format of the hotel creates a closed courtyard, which serves as a recreation zone and, at the same time, as an entrance area to the hotel.

Thus, with a small area of the plot (1300 m2) and a limited building height (18 m), we have succeeded to locate 3,500 m2 of commercial space on 5 floors.

The materials for decoration of the building are brick, white plaster and titanium-zinc roof covering, destined to introduce in a balanced way to the surrounding historical environment, for which these materials are authentic, while retaining a modern replica of the architectural solution.