The purpose of this project was to design three archives and a public center. Therefore, the planning structure should be clear and rational. The first thing that was taken into account are separate external entrances, and considering the factor of limited usage of archival funds by the visitors. At the same time, the entrance to the public center is simple and plain. There is a link between the city archive and the public center.
The next factor determines the philosophy of space, that is: the peculiarity of working on archival materials requires concentration and attention.
Considering the above, we have tried to create comfortable workplaces for employees of archive, due to planning. A basic idea of the Japanese garden of contemplation of the world’s beauty has set us the goal that the view from the window should be light and pleasant, and the influence of environmental chaos should be minimal.
Working on the planning structure and sticking to the philosophy of contemplation, the architectural minimalistic image of the projected building is formed simultaneously. The main focus is on the simplicity of geometric shapes, expressive volumes, as well as on lighting related effects.
The composition is formed on the contrast of dark glass planes and light concrete walls. The aim is in rational and balanced combination of deaf and transparent surfaces, different in size and texture. Actually, this variety enriches the facades and therefore no additional decoration is needed.
Concerning the exterior and interior, priority is given to the utility and simplicity. The large glass blocks of the public center are necessary for the visual communication between the street and the hall of media library. In addition, it will attract people and allow them to create a pleasing public space from the outside. In the workrooms of archives and reading halls, large panoramic windows were also designed for good lighting and contemplation of the Japanese garden.
 In the interior, light colors are used majorly. Lines of walls, floors, ceilings create clear geometric drawings.