The intensity of the modern pace of life, the heavy working temp, the constant urban “landscapes” deplete citizens of the big city from day to day, a need for rest and recovery appears. This healing can be fully obtained in the natural environment.

Therefore, the main objective of this concept is the expressive ecological orientation of the visual image and the maximum implementation of eco-architectural principles.

Landscaping and architectural techniques are used in the construction of the object, so that the buildings are as much as possible hidden in the natural environment and opened to visitors as they approach them. Hiking tracks bind all functional areas, sailing round plantations and compositions of landscaping, bringing us to the cottages and main structures, making the necessary visual accents on the way.

The center of collective communication and recreation is a square, formed between administrative and water-improving buildings. Her distinct architectural image is formed by a combination of a grassy lawn with colored sidewalk tiles.

The basis of the architectural and spatial solution is a simple, compact form of buildings, which allows you to surround them in a correct and balanced way with planting and fit them to the natural environment. The large glass surfaces of the windows in the living rooms of each building help visitors to stay visually in the natural surroundings. An exterior wooden terrace with barbecue grill and separate place for table and loungers increases the effect of outdoor staying. In addition, each cottage has its own grassy lawn surrounded by a living fence of trees and bushes. Such a lawn allows at the same time to preserve the privacy of rest and to be in contact with nature constantly.

The shape of buildings is as concise and simple as possible, in order to use it as a background for decorative greening of the central square. The precise geometric lines of the buildings provide a wonderful opportunity for the rich crown of trees to dominate the environment.