Floating Theatre in Berlin

Create two types of action:

The first will take place on the river when towing a floating stage on the place of fixed location to temporary parking. The process of moving, is a kind of performance on the water, on which spectators watch from the shore;

Second, in the form of traditional mime performances, will take place within the floating stage. Importantly, theatrical scenery, against which actors will play, will landscape the river.

The impact of new technologies and the Internet in modern life, making it a passive and inert. Aesthetic resist theater program in objective reality, the perception and understanding of the true objectives and priorities.

The repertoire prevail improvised scenes from everyday life, parody in the form of dialogue or monologue performances of acrobats, jugglers and magicians. The theater will be a convenient place for festivals or touring events.

The building is made of modular elements based on laminated veneer lumber. Their size and shape appreciated in Brussels at the design stage, so as to quickly and easily assemble, and disassemble when needed to transport theater elsewhere.