IT companies are constantly alluring young professionals with career opportunities and personal growth perspectives. In addition to a high salary, an attractive social package, free educational programs, they need to be provided with comfortable working conditions. A nice office, a modern workplace, is one of the most important conditions when choosing a job and an additional advantage of the company in the competition for skilled employees.

Our idea of an office center for IT-business is for the green areas to be present in the building, so that they are nearby, as close as possible to the employee inside the office. The green terraces are located on each floor (except for the ground one). They are extension of the office, so each tenant company can decide on the design of green compositions and pick up plantations. For the office work organization a combined approach in planning is offered. General, open office space is combined with individual rooms. The premises will be separated from each other and from zones intended for joint use, by transparent bulkheads. The final planning will be tailored to the specific needs of IT companies.

Ground floor offices are given to coworkings. People will rent a common room, remaining independent and free, but will not feel the lack of communication, working together, sharing ideas and helping each other.

On the top seventh floor, a sky bar is offered – a perfect place to meet friends, have a good rest after work and enjoy a panoramic view.

The architecture of the building, in our case, is formed from the interior to the exterior. Large console blocks with terraces go outside the building, in chaotic way, copying the natural diversity of giant rocks. That is unique in its forms and location, an accumulation of stones. Thanks to these consoles, the area of the office complex increases qualitatively, the spatial and volume resolution is achieved and the effect of integration with the environment intensifies.