When there is a question how to connect the two oceans which are separated with the land – the answer is obvious – it is necessary to dig a canal. In our proposal we have decided to give the Strait of Hormuz which separates two coasts the quality of land and taking into consideration the experience of Moses, who made the sea diverge with the help of his faith, we will believe in the possibility of human of the future and the development of future technology and venture to create a “channel” in the sea.

We will not dwell on how to choose the course of the channel that the design will have become a kind of economic, tourist and cultural umbilical cord, thus restoring the original relationship drifting continents. This is the task of further research. And first of all let draw attention to its functions and constructions. Functions

First and the most important – this is the road for the ground transportation. Separate lanes for cars and trucks. People from both coasts who love to travel, have their business or trade in the region will have a unique opportunity for fast, easy, reliable and cheaper road transport. As a bonus, we anticipate monorail aerial flyover for fast underground railway.

Second but with the same importance – a waterway for ships. Several water passages provide a continuous connection between the ocean and the Persian Gulf. These bands have sufficient water depth for the passing of the world’s largest passenger liners, private yachts or sailing regattas.