Interactivity is the main goal of our solution. We purposely put such scenario into the design because in such way people can not simply come to sit and enjoy the landscape. We create conditions for everybody to actively interact with each other and set the task-challenge to find the best favorite view.

The best variant for such aim is a labyrinth. It unconsciously adjusts people to cooperative work, attention and mutual assistance. Besides that the actual process of the route is an interesting diversion that will help to forget about your daily worries and find funny company of associates. Several tracks, exterior walls with windows, and viewing platforms at different levels – it all helps to find your favorite view of the city. And if you have already found it and have your own opinion, it is not a problem to share it with others and maybe even with the whole world! Our building actively interacts with the environment. Its industrial design, harmoniously combined with the other buildings of the island, intrigues people who are on the other side, and unobtrusive rough character simply advertise the building and attracts the attention to it.

The construction of the labyrinth is simple to do and requires no foundation. The walls are made of the metal frame, which is sheathed with oriented strand board. Imitation of texture and pattern of concrete is achieved by painting. The building requires no service, instead only careful attitude towards it, because it is the interactive part of Copenhagen.