From time immemorial people believe in a fairy tree of life. Nowadays, the tree where the birds live and nests are, seems charming and magical.

The most important idea of WonderLAD building is a creating space for living, where young patients can feel “at home”. The task is to draw children’s attention on communication with other children or with adults or with daily things or with the environment. To make the problem of disease not the major and the children are able to escape to other life “problem”: the fun games in the company of friends, to study singing or play musical instruments, to sports activities and the study of nature, painting, sculpture and still a large number of other activities that make life filled and happy.

The best form of such house which can combine all these functions is a house with a patio. The patio is “the soul of the house.” It is a versatile, interactive, and functionally rich. On one side the patio is a separate element, on the other side it is a part of the house. Here you can relax, play, act small street performances, celebrate birthdays and other holidays. It is open, but because of the small size, it is very cozy and comfortable.

To achieve the maximum level of comfort in the building, the project foresees a number of steps to improve its energy efficiency. One of these step is a compact form of construction. All functions are combined in common and enclosure volume. This will allow most easily and accurately design the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. For additional environmental energy, there is the ability to install solar collectors on the roof.

The structure of the house is from cross laminated timber. Walls, roof and floor of the first floor is securely insulated. It is used a suspended facade system with external finish from micro-laminated wood panels of different colors. In the finishing of residential part the panels are used with imitation of horizontal board of dark wood color. For the finishing of multipurpose space and patio panels with imitation of vertical boards of light wood color are used. A lot of wood in decoration creates a complete image of WonderLAD, and enhances the idea of a cozy home.