Engineering systems in design



It is impossible to imagine the design process of any building without taking into account engineering systems. Each room is supplied with water, electricity and sewage. Complex solutions of internal and external networks are developed by design engineers.

The project of internal engineering systems includes the following components:

  • water supply and sewage project
  • heating and ventilation project
  • ITP or boiler house design
  • electrical solutions project

Project of low-voltage systems, including video surveillance system, fire alarm, automation of engineering systems, etc.

External factors, presence of communications, neighboring buildings are taken into account during development of solutions for design of external networks, which includes:

  • project of heating networks
  • power network project
  • external clarification project
  • project of external water supply and sewage
  • Communication network project, etc.

Project development will help to save time and avoid mistakes during laying of engineering systems. Correctly made decisions – a guarantee of rational approach to the selection of necessary equipment and materials.


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